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UNIQLO clothing are best for everyday and travel useThe UNIQLO experience has been nothing but great for the wifey. With all the blouses, dresses, tees and pants plus plethora of other accessories.With the best textiles and obvious quality I would say that  UNIQLO is a complete store.

UNIQLO however is “anti-fat”.  Yep you heard me right.

UNIQLO was one of the motivations for me to go on a diet. Though I already lost 40lbs,  I still could not fit into their “slim-fit” everything classification. I am not talking about the “M” nor the “L” sizes, I have already tried the “XL” size.  The only article of clothing that fit me just right were the argyle socks I bought some months back.

Anyway, I am not actually bashing UNIQLO with their products.  I still love going to UNIQLO stores and looking over their clothing. I love that they have all preppy stuff I used to wear in college and many more. At this point in time, however, I can only admire.

The great thing about UNIQLO is that  most of their clothing are best for everyday and travel use.  Their stores are clean and brightly lit and very organized.  The staff are all very helpful and cheerful.

With Christmas just around the corner, UNIQLO FISHER PARKWAY, is the best place to go to for clothing gifts.  This store is a “stand alone” one and though it is beside Fisher Mall, is perfect since there may not be such a big crowd unlike those UNIQLO stores in malls.

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