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Puerto Princesa, Palawan 2009

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Sept 25 To Sept 28

Our group, college buddies of mine, planned to go to Palawan on Sept. 25 to Sept 28 this year. We had planned it based on the availability of our classmates and the promo ticket we got from our airline of choice.

On the day of our trip, as we were heading for the airport, the weather was still bright and shiny and it was actually still hot. Anyway we finally reached the airport (NAIA-3 terminal) and boarded our plane en route to Palawan.

The flight went on smoothly and as we landed in Palawan, we were met by some drizzle and little did we know that a super typhoon by the name of “Ondoy” was coming. As we went out of the arrivals and while waiting for the bags to come out of the conveyor, some of us decided to go out and try to breathe the air of Palawan for the first time. We opened some cigarettes and waited for our shuttle. While waiting, the driver of the shuttled approached us and asked where our bags were, and informed us to throw our cigarette butts in the proper place otherwise he himself can apply a citizen’s arrest. Whew.. from the time till we left, i was really careful with my cigarette butts.

Anyway, when we got our baggages we were there on our way to our hotel. We were booked at the Asturias Hotel. The hotel, upon entering had this huge lobby. Within the lobby, to the left was the hotel’s bar/disco called “Scenario” and to the right was the hotel’s coffee shop the “Coffee Exchange Cafe”. Also to the right, was the hallway towards our rooms.



On our first day, rather our first evening, we left the hotel to have our dinner at “Ka Lui“. Ka Lui is Located in 369 Rizal Avenue , walking distance from Puerto Princesa Airport. Upon entering Ka Lui, we were faced with a Nipa hut type of construction that was open air. Inside, patrons would have to take off their foot wear to be able to go inside and dine.


My buddies ordered food for all of us, to which, coming from a meat eater, I would say was very tasty. That was the first time I ate fish and fruits with definitely no pork nor beef. Whew. We left the place all full.

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