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Panglao Island, Bohol

I just came back from a trip to Bohol. On this trip, I was with a group and we toured the island of Bohol. On the first day, we went to visit some of the oldest churches in the Philippines, one of which was the Baclayon church.

The church currently houses altars that are intricately designed and is surrounded by colored stained glass that beautifully light the insides of the church. On the second floor, one could see their museum with artifacts dating to the early 1500’s.

The only sad part here is that these artifacts are not taken cared of properly and some of these badly needs some repairs. Anyway, we had our lunch at the Loboc River on a Raft and visit one of the local villages. After lunch we visited the world renowned Chocolate Hills and the Bohol Bee Farm where we were given a short lecture on Bee farming, vermiculture, organic plant growing and weaving.

We also visited a small sanctuary for Tarsiers and had a great time viewing and photographing those endangered creatures that are only found in the Philippines.


Lastly we visited the Our Lady of Assumption Shrine Parish in Dauis, where there is a well that spews water that is claimed to cure. After getting myself a bottle this water, we then headed to our hotel. The next morning saw us moving from the Metrocenter Hotel to the Panglao Island Nature Resort.


The hotel was one of the best that I have been to in the Philippines, the whole staff was courteous and ready to assist us in anyway. The facilities of the hotel included a worldclass spa and sauna facility, swimming pools, a gym, billiard, dart and pingpong facility.

The cottage-room I was assigned to was splendid, it was spaceous and situated beside the beach (although there was no direct way from my cottage-room to the beach, nevertheless, it had a breathe taking view.) The room had its own jacuzzi, which sadly, I was unable to use because I was too tired. Luckily, I was able to try their sauna and spa.

Their sauna facilities are top of the line and their massage therapists are very professional as I had one very relaxing masssage. The food in the Resort is also great. One would be able to taste some exotic food (that is more or less tourist safe or safe for the tourists to consume).

One of the features of the resort was its very own cave, unfortunately the connecting bridge inside the cave was up for repairs so i was only able to see part of it. The cave had its own water pool that was pristine clear and had a combination of fresh and seawater. All in all, I would rate my Bohol stay as perfect. I did not experience a single boring moment.

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