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Palm beach 2016

Getting older is easy, it’s what comes with age is not. Anyway, was spending the last few hours here at “Palm beach” at Laiya Batangas, having breakfast.  It is really not convenient writing this post using a smartphone so I Will finish breakfast and take same pics.. and update this when i get back to manila.

Directions are fairly simple. Take the Southern Luzon Expressway (SLEX) all the way to Calamba, but do not exit at Calamba. Just keep going straight until you see a toll gate where you will be given a P25 ticket. Upon reaching the exit of the last Toll booth of SLEX, a few meters ahead is the Star Toll. From there pay P53 at the IBAAN exit.  Immediately after exiting, turn left. Then just follow the road, nearly everyone on this road is accommodating should you get lost and ask for Laiya this portion takes approximately 45 mins till you reach the San Juan Municipal Hall. Once you reach the San Juan Municipal Hall, turn right that is already Laiya Road, from here it takes you about 30mins to get to Palm Beach, earlier for other resorts.  All in all, and not really knowing directions to get here.. i would say the trip was short, easy and worth it.

We arrived on January 31, 2016,  around midday and was greeted by very courteous personnel from the guard, to the driver of our shuttle to the front-desk. (Thank you Mara and Mitch.)  The wifey and i were not really much into the swimming though we brought our snorkels along just in case. We were more after the quiet and lazy ambiance of a quick getaway.

We had a healthy serving of Lunch, mid-afternoon snacks and Dinner.  The food was great, more of Filipino and had myself the not so healthy seconds.

Late afternoon on the first day, we decided to try the beach which was unfortunately not as fine sanded. Nevertheless, we a bit of fun. After soaking in seawater we went and swam in their infinity pool (one of two).  We also tried their internet, I know, why go to a resort and look for internet. Well the internet was sometimes ok but usually goes off-line, which is understandable since even mobile signals were also low. I am guessing that their internet source is also wireless as the place is too far away to be laying cables.  Anyway like I said, why go to a resort and look for internet? Right?

After dinner we had a massage in our room by experienced hands.  We almost fell asleep.

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