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Lagos del Sol 2009

Me and some friends decided to hold our christmas party for the year 2009 out of town. So we decided on Lagos del Sol in Caliraya. On the day itself, we were picked up by our hired van, who was by the way coding for the day (for our foreign friends, coding is a governtment implemented scheme to reduce traffic, based on the last digit of a car’s plate number, the vehicle may only travel from between 10:00 to 3:00pm in Metro Manila.)

Anyway, able as our driver was, he was able to skirt the vehicle and manage not to get a ticket. Our first stop was at the Padi’s Point in the outskirts of Antipolo City. From there we drove towards Laguna using the rizal loop (the south luzon express way was out the question since it was christmas season and heavy traffic was expected.). We passed by the towns of teresa, morong, tanay, pililia and some other towns i forgot.

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Once we reached the end of Tanay, we were already in Laguna. Overall the trip was fast since the roads were very good all the way until Laguna. The first known place we passed by was Paete, but did not drop by to look at the wood carvings, then before Pagsanjan, we reached Caliraya. The time then was just around 11:30am and our check-in time at Lagos del Sol was still at 2:00pm. So we decided instead to make a side-trip to Liliw Laguna, and buy ourselves some native stuff. Liliw Laguna is one of those towns who is proud of their product (Liliw is a practicioner of OTOP or One Town One Product program of the government.)

After we were all settled and wanting to go to the resort already since it was already around 1pm, we decided to head back to Caliraya and check-in.

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