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Jash Mart

Ever wondered where you can get almost all that you need for an old-fashioned styled Shabu-shabu (or at least our version of) dinner?

Look no further on Mayon St. right near where the boundaries of Manila and Quezon Cities lie. We can find a small Chinese owned shop complete with everything from dumplings, dim sum, meatballs, meat, kimchi, etc. The place is called Jash Mart. They are open everyday around 7am and closes at around 7pm. They close at around 2pm on Sundays.

Most every single ingredient you would need to fulfill your shabu-shabu meal at home, with denting the budget.

Of course it wouldn’t be considered complete without your very own portable gas stove. We got ours more than a year ago from a store that sells one in Robinsion’s Fairview. It set us back about P2K. The gas canisters are good for approximately 2 uses and costs less than P 100.

AddressSuki Market, Nicanor Roxas St
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone+63 (2) 8 742 7427
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