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Hong Kong Disneyland

The sister-in law and family came home last month and spent the time vacationing with family and friends. To culminate their visit, we had planned on going to HongKong Disneyland.

We left Manila for HongKong on Friday Jan 19, 2018 morning.  Upon arriving and to minimize the wastage of time, we road the MTR directly to HongKong Disneyland lugging along our suitcases. When we got off the train, it was drizzling, good thing one of my companions had brought along some raincoats. And not wanting to let the rain dampen our spirits, they all wore the raincoats and went in.

Before the actual entrance there is a place to deposit all of your luggages should you decide to do the same. This way you could still enjoy the place while your luggage is tucked away safe.

Like I always say, Disneyland is more for kids and not so much for the kid in you, especially when you are over 50.  But since we had a kid (more of 10 year old and a 17 year old female kids) with us. I tried to enjoy it as much as I could. There were lots of things to see and watch inside. We went inside IRON Man Experience, STAR WARS™ Command Post. We rode on the Jungle River Cruise, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, “It’s a Small World“, and so much more.  For the kids, they rode practically everything.

But for one to experience HK Disneyland thoroughly, you would more or less need more than a day.  We went through the place and enjoyed what we could.  Then we waited for the last show on the main street where most disney characters would parade before the park closed.

Disclaimer : All characters, Disneyland/HK Disneyland logos are properties of Disneyland and/or HK Disneyland.  Any photo taken from the HK Disneyland website located at are properties of HK Disneyland. And are used only because the theme of this article revolves around HK Disneyland.  We do not claim to be part of, nor are paid to write about and have no intention to represent or mis-represent HK Disneyland in any form or manner.

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