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Connecting to the Internet in HK

Some hotels in Hong Kong if not most, have handy smartphone devices that connect to 4G networks.  Hotel guests may take these when they go and tour the city.  Though we have not tried it, these units may already be used to call locally.

These devices already have a built-in browser where you may surf and search for places in and around the city.  If you are wary that hotel employees may trace anything back to you, you may also use the device to tether or setup the unit to operate as a wifi device where you may Connect your mobile phone. This is very similar to connecting to a restaurant’s wifi.

With this, you may use your phone and it’s apps to communicate better with your friends and loved ones. Most handy smartphone’s do not have other Instant Messaging or Calling apps like messenger or skype or even viber, so the best thing to do is to connect to the handy smartphone and use its internet connection.

Connecting to your handy smartphone’s internet connection:

  1. Search the handy smartphone interface for “utilities” then for “Mobile Hotspot” and/or “tethering”.

  2. When you see “turn your handy smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot”, write down the password and “Wifi name”. The click on “Start”

  3. On your mobile phone, look for the indicated “Wifi name” and enter the password.

  4. Wait for confirmation and start using the internet on your mobile phone.

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