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Camaya Coast – Corregidor Day Trip 2015

We had a day trip tour to Corregidor last February 28, 2015. We actually started the day before by taking the trip from Quezon City in Metro Manila. We left around late afternoon, and on the way to Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines, we met a major accident which we all fortunately were left unhurt.  A couple of drunk motorcycle drivers were racing downhill when one of them graced our vehicle. We had to stop to check and see if they were alright.

Funny thing though, when the guy who hit us was asked by authorities to provide them his driver’s license, he replied that he didn’t know he had to have one, and to make matters worse, his motorcycle is not also even registered.  Our driver decided to have the incident reported in Mariveles and only after which did we look around for accommodations.  Unfortunately, most clean accommodations were full so we had to stay in a small hotel.The accommodation was probably one of the worst we had since the wash closet was beside the bed and had no hot water. The bed was made and was obvious that it had previously been used. We came with friends and their kids and parents. The next morning we started on our way to Camaya Coast also in Mariveles.

Our day stay at Camaya included lunch and use of swimming facilities and billiards for the guys.  At around after lunch, we board a catamaran for Corregidor.  We spent the rest of the day touring the island, looking at the ruins, artillery and other monuments found there. After Corregidor, we went back to Camaya and drove back to Quezon City.  All in all, the short vacation tour was great, it really was great to be out.

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