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10 Tips for a Smooth Vacation

From the years I have done some traveling there are some lessons I learned to make life easier and a little bit more enjoyable.  Here are 10 tips for newbie travelers for a smooth vacation.

10 Traveller tips for vacation

  1. If your destination means you sleeping at a hotel or a resort, it is best to leave all of your towels and basic toiletries like shampoos and soaps behind. This gives you less to worry about. And a wet towel is heavy when you store them in your luggage.

  2. Always pack clothing depending on the length of your stay. If your vacation or trip is just two days, pack clothing for two days. However, you may want to throw in an extra shirt, blouse, or shorts just in case you have a clothing accident.

    It is important to never overpack, as carrying a heavy luggage can be tough on your back.

  3. If the hotel or resort offers a buffet, and if you are in the Philippines or any southeast Asian destination. Chances are buffet would include either plain rice or an array of fried garlic rice, yang chow rice or any other variety.  The trick to buffets is doing away with the rice. Filipino or not, just do away with the rice and you will enjoy your buffet time more.

  4. There is a reason why most rooms have phones is mainly for room service.  In particular, it is essential to check with room service to see if local calls are charged.Do this when staying in a hotel where you expect to make some calls. This is because some hotels charge for local calls, even if they are made within the same city or area code.  However, not all hotels charge for local calls.Therefore, it is important to check with room service before making any calls. You could end up with a surprise bill at the end of your stay.

  5. Additionally, do not bring expensive jewelry unless you are attending a wedding, a launch, or a formal affair.This is because expensive jewelry can be a target for thieves, and you don’t want to risk losing it while you’re traveling.

    Remember “room safes” are not always safe. Remember that the hotel always has a way of opening these with or without your presence.

  6. For vacations where you need to do some “pasalubong” shopping or if you need to buy some gifts for people at home, do some research if your destination has easy access to an ATM. If ATM’s are bountiful, get a debit card.With a debit card, you can load it up with just the right amount of money that you would need for your trip. In some establishments, you can just swipe your card to pay for food and stuff.Same functionality as a “Credit Card”, without the interest charges. Just bring enough money to get around, preferably in smaller denominations.

  7. Separate your liquid containers from your clothing. There are times that going through an airline or riding your service vehicle to your destination, there would be some manhandling of your luggage.

  8. Never leave your luggage unattended in crowded areas.

    Always have the handle in your arm or the sling on your shoulder or the handle in your hand.

  9. Bring along an extra mobile phone. Preferably with the same socket as your main phone so you wouldn’t need to bring along another charger.

  10. Do not enjoy the accommodation too much. A different place may lead you to a different experience be it an activity or a place.  Do not complain about the lack of wifi. If it is a vacation, it is time for limited connections. Just enjoy the company and the bonding time.

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