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Kyu Kyu Ramen

I was left all alone in the house yesterday and was wanting something different to eat.  Then I remember there was a new food stall in National Bookstore at Quezon Ave., South Triangle. I hopped on the tricycle and went…

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Hodai is a Japanese fusion restaurant that takes on a new concept of a modern buffet styled setting. Stemming from Japanese cuisine and culture, Is the base of operation with its distinctive flavor and preparation methods. To provide an affordable…

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Teriyaki Boy

The other night we were out searching for dinner. We didn't want the usual heavy stuff so we decide to go just around the corner and decided to go to Teriyaki Boy. Looking at the menu, I was touching my…

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Mitsuyado Sei-Men

We just dropped of the niece at the Ramon Magsaysay Center and had a lot of time to waste.  The niece was attending a debut so we guessed it would take some time before we got home. We dropped her…

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