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Vitalis Villas

Vitalis Villas Vitalis VillasDiscover the enchanting Santorini Experience at Vitalis Villas, majestically perched on a mountain cliff overlooking the breathtaking Santiago Cove. Embodying the traditional Greek architectural style, our villas emanate the warmth of Filipino island charm while providing the convenience of modern amenities. As the acclaimed ‘Santorini of the North,’ Vitalis Villas welcomes guests with an expanse of blue and white villas, reminiscent of the iconic Greek isle.

Meander through cobblestone walkways that stretch beneath clear skies, leading to the allure of pristine waters.

Experience the cozy retreat of our elegantly appointed rooms and villas, adorned with plush white beds. Feel right at home inside our premises. Each space is thoughtfully designed and fully equipped with amenities, ensuring your utmost comfort.

One guest’s testimonial speaks volumes, “They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and yet when we arrived, I was at a loss. It was really as beautiful as what I’ve read. The view was spectacular, the rooms are clean & crisp, and the whole experience is one for the books! Will definitely be back again.” Vitalis Villas promises a Santorini-inspired escape in the heart of the Philippines, leaving cherished memories that beckon you to return for more.


Water Sports Activities

Vitalis Villas provides a variety of excursions and activities. Whether you’re searching for something leisurely like Sunset Cruising or something more challenging like jeskiing, snorkeling, or other water sports activities, our wide variety of activities has something for everyone!

Hilltop Adventure

Hilltop Adventure is a must experience when you check-in at Vitalis Villas and Vitalis White Sands. Journey into one-of-a-kind zip line adventures and build exciting memories with the family (and the animals) that can last a lifetime. Enjoy all of our attractions, and soak in all the thrills.​

Sunset Cruise

Experience a premium Sunset Cruise Party while on vacation. Party with us as we watch the beautiful sunset together.

Awaits your next best sunset experience to not feel salty and just seas the day.

AddressSabangan, Santiago, 2707,
Ilocos Sur, Philippines
PhoneManila +(632) 8373 333
Mobile Phone+63 (917) 6361650
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