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The Farm at San Benito

The Farm at San Benito is a luxury wellness resort in Lipa, Batangas, Philippines.

It is known for its lush greenery, its serene atmosphere, and its world-class wellness programs. The resort is a great place to spend a Christmas holiday with family and friends who are looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Here are some reasons why you should spend some time at The Farm at San Benito:

  • Lush greenery: The resort is set in a lush green valley, surrounded by mountains and forests. The air is fresh and clean, and the atmosphere is serene and peaceful.

  • Serene atmosphere: The resort promotes relaxation and well-being through its designed serene atmosphere. Simple and elegant rooms, along with well-maintained grounds, contribute to the overall ambiance. The resort also has a number of quiet areas where you can relax and meditate.

  • World-class wellness programs: The resort offers a wide range of world-class wellness programs,The Farm at San Benito including yoga, meditation, massage, and spa treatments. The programs are designed to help you relax, de-stress, and improve your overall health and well-being.

  • Christmas activities: The resort hosts a variety of Christmas activities during the holiday season. These activities include a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, a Christmas Eve dinner, and a Christmas Day brunch.


What is true and pure gives only positive and loving energy – it’s palpable. It’s science working with nature, nurtured by heart. You will see it, feel it, and you’ll choose to embrace the beautiful change. Our Holistic Integrative Medical Sanctuary, Healing Sanctuary SPA, Acqua Hydrotherapy Sanctuary, Wellness Restaurants, Mindful Movement & Functional Fitness, and Healing Environment with Service from the Heart make up The Farm’s five healing components. The Farm has all the key elements for a genuinely transformative retreat.


Five pillars guide your healing journey at The Farm: Diagnose, Cleanse, Nourish, Repair, Sustain.  It’s a holistic sanctuary where your journey starts with a thorough medical consult. Doctors assess your health, craft a personalized program, and recommend treatments.

Guests arrive from all over the world seeking well-being, rejuvenation, or deeper health solutions. The Farm offers natural, holistic programs supervised by medical experts. These programs tackle today’s most alarming lifestyle illnesses.

We’ve partnered with Living Life Well Integrative Medical Clinic, a Cigna Global® Health direct billing provider, to enrich lives. They offer evidence-based holistic solutions for chronic conditions, stress, anxiety, depression, and more.

The Farm also boasts non-invasive beauty & anti-ageing services. Enhance your physical aspects holistically.

Our ultimate goal? Create the next level of luxury holiday through life-transformative retreats.

Host safe events, corporate gatherings, or executive wellness retreats at The Farm at San Benito.

Our team takes responsibility and pours creativity into every detail, ensuring heartfelt service and meticulous attention.

Celebrate green weddings or intimate gatherings at The Farm at San Benito.

Our COVID-free, healing environment in a 51-hectare forest bursts with life-giving energy and rich microbiome ecology. It’s the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories with loved ones, all while enjoying a romantic ambiance, sophisticated vibe, and exquisite, healthy dishes. Your dream wedding awaits.

Address119 Barangay Tipakan 4217 Lipa City
Batangas Philippines
Phone+63 918 884 8080
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