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HOTEL R9 The Yard Noda

HOTEL R9 The Yard Noda
HOTEL R9 The Yard Noda

People know a distinct lodging design as a container.

Thoughtfully constructed, the exterior offers a secure and private area.

A brand-new design of container hotel full of amenities and features to relieve daytime fatigue. Whether you are vacationing or on business, take advantage of a peaceful lodging experience that is distinct from the norm.

People will reincarnate the container as a cozy place to recover from the day’s weariness.

With a stylish black appearance, you can have a calming experience that you couldn’t have imagined. Due to the complete independence of each structure, you may spend your private time in peace without being concerned about noise from the adjacent space.

Experience the exceptional by booking a room in a hidden base at a cutting-edge container hotel.

Despite being small, it has all the amenities needed for a great night’s sleep.

To make sure that our visitors have a good experience, we have added Simmons beds to every room.

We have everything you need for a comfortable stay in the hotel, including free Wi-Fi, massage chairs (in double rooms), refrigerators with freezers, microwave ovens, and air purifiers.

Additionally, you can check in and check out quickly by using the automatic check-in system at the front desk.

Direct access from the parking spot to the guest room.

The locations of HOTEL R9 The Yard, which are spread around Japan, are mostly along roadsides, making them easy to reach by automobile.

Even if you have a suitcase or a large travel bag, you can easily go to your room even from the parking place in front of the guest room.

In a relaxed setting, you can unwind in comfort while traveling or conducting work.

A brand-new container hotel where you can spend your alone time peacefully is HOTEL R9 The Yard, which is only 15 minutes by vehicle from the Joban Expressway Kashiwa IC.

Numerous tourist attractions are nearby, including Mori no Yuenchi, the Monoknowledge Shoyukan, and Shimizu Park, well-known for its azalea and cherry blossom displays! ◎

Additionally, there is a hot spring nearby that can help your tired body. Separate guest rooms measuring around 12 square meters are furnished with a variety of amenities to make you feel at home.

Address109, Noda City Tsutsumine,
Chiba, 278-0021, Japan
Fax 04-7199-2677
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