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Coral Beach Club

We went on an overnight stay at Azure Urban Resort Residences and were told that we would not be able to use the pool the next day, and since we had kids raring to swim. We had to find a viable option at such short notice.

The wifey asked me if Lian, Batangas was too far to drive to. It was, but hey I had five kids and it was summer..

On our second and last day at Azure, we left at around 12:30pm had lunch on the way and were at Coral Beach Club around past 2pm.  We got two premier rooms side by side and had the access doors opened so we needed not go outside to get to the other room anymore.

The wifi was respectable, then again as I always tell myself not to work on vacations no matter how short. the wifi was best.  The water on the faucet was hot. The airconditioning need a little bit of figuring out. But our stay was great.

There are various stories about the start of the Coral Beach Club including one that it was once the unofficial headquarters of the ‘Philippines Flying Boat Club’ in the years immediately after WWII but the real Club was founded some time in the 1980’s by a German couple, Helga and Helmut Kilinger.

During the early years, the Club became popular with a group of expat businessmen mostly based in Manila who would come down at the weekends to play golf during the day and then relax in the Club in the evenings.

In 1993, a consortium of these guests banded together under the leadership of John Sinclair and bought the Club. At that time, it only had 6 rooms/cottages and a small Clubhouse. Over the course of the next 20 years, the three accommodation blocks were added, along with the pool & Jacuzzi and the Clubhouse was extended to its current size.

All the new rooms were named after golf courses in the Philippines or abroad or famous golfers in tribute to the major part that the game played in the evolution of the Club.

AddressBeach Road, Matabungkay, Lian, 4216,
Batangas, Philippines
Phone+63 917 901 4635 (Globe), +63 919 822 0833 (Smart)
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