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Teriyaki Boy

The other night we were out searching for dinner. We didn’t want the usual heavy stuff so we decide to go just around the corner and decided to go to Teriyaki Boy.

Looking at the menu, I was touching my tummy because ! was hungry, but still didn’t want to eat that much. Before disastrously ordering, one of the menu/flier caught our eye.

It read “Tonkotsu Teishoku” this Japanese set meal had rice, three pieces of Gyoza, Tonkotsu Ramen and Yakimeshi.

The wifey and I both decided to try this. And fearing that this might not be enough we also ordered Tonkatsu.

The great thing about our order, for Tonkotsu is that it was served to look as if it were meticulously prepared to look almost like the one on the menu/flier.  Not only that It was great tasting packed into a small order.  Not too filling and at the same time “Not bitin”.  We both thought that we shouldn’t have ordered the Tonkatsu.

For 598 for two servings we had rice, ramen, gyoza, I would say I felt fulfilled by everything I ate

AddressTomas Morato Ave, Diliman
Quezon City, Metro Manila
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