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SinSun korean

After parking the car, I checked out the place. It looked like one of those old restaurant buildings that had 1980’s or earlier written all over it’s facade and interior design. As we stepped up the semi spiral staircase, we would be face with just about 5 to 7 tables 2 of which were just beside the window. We sat on one of those.  There were two other tables that were built-in to the raised flooring but the waitress said they were for groups of 5 and up.

The space between our table and the other one to my back was cramped a bit so i had to sit semi slanted.  As the waitress started to serve our side-dish and meat. I was thinking it might not be that bad as presentation wise the whole thing was not bad except that the table was a bit cramped too.  We were served some soup first, one was seafood and the other tasted almost like miso.  The pork served was thick and the beef serving was just right.  They used charcoal for the grill and took us a longer time so I kept ordering the bulgogi side-dish. Then unlike the rest, their serving of the egg was huge. Overall we had a very satisfying meal.

Some things to note:

  • Their capacity is only around 7 to 8 tables.

  • Parking is just good for about 2 cars, their frontage was small.

  • The manager was hands-on which was good.

  • Grilling by charcoal takes longer.

  • At Php 580/pax, I would say the price is a bit high.

The story behind this..

We already set our sights on “Romantic Baboy” yesterday for our Sunday dinner. We went there a lot earlier than the first time we did. I think it was about 5:15pm. Anyway since we thought we were already early enough, we never thought of our options.

So as we neared the restaurant itself, and much to our disappointment, the whole stairway fronting the store was filled with people sitting and waiting for their turn. It must have been because it was a Sunday.  Anyway, I guess waiting for our turn would definitely be out of the question.

We were suddenly pressed to find another place to go to.  Thinking of where to go we remembered previously we saw another place somewhere near the corner of Morato and Roces. I remembered coming from Timog it was on the left side and my niece said it had a rounded building. So we went straight ahead, it was about 7 or 8 blocks away.  We saw the signage and found it and the place was called SinSun.

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