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Coming home from some work in Valenzuela City, me and the wifey had a sudden urge to go back to Samgyup Salamat for dinner.  Unfortunately, at around 6past, the place was already packed and so was the parking space.  On the way there coming from c3, we saw a place also offering Korean Barbeque. So instead of waiting it out with Samgyup Salamat we decided to try the other place.

This other place was named “Seoulgyupsal”.  When we arrived I immediately found a parking space, which I thought was a good sign and that there might not be that much patrons having dinner. Unfortunately and it was too late that we realized that the parking space was for the Z Square Mall. Upon reach the store, the line was well up to the 20’s. To make the long story short, we waited almost 2 hours.

When it was our turn to eat. I found the place to be clean and well lighted.  When we ordered the waiter introduced himself and proceeded to take our orders. We all went for the “Unlimited 2” which was “ALL BEEF, Samgyupsal and Chicken”. Side dishes were just right, nothing fancy.  Over all eating experience was alright, well either that or we were too hungry to take notice of anything negative.

Some things to note:

  • There is ample parking when we arrived, if there is no parking outside, there is basement parking.

  • Come earlier, the place is not that big and they can only fit so much tables inside. We waited in line for almost 2 hours.

  • Everyone serving us was very accommodating, though with the restaurant full, you would need to do some follow-up.

  • For Php 449 each I would say it was “Sulit”  or it was “Worth it”.

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