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Señor Pollo

A little gem we found was Señor Pollo.  This one, in Quezon City, can be found on Scout Rallos within the Scout’s Area.  We found this once when we were looking for the “Purple Oven”.

Anyway as per‘s description:

Roast chicken is turned on its head, with Señor Pollo marinating theirs in Latin spices. It’s hard to describe how the meat tastes—it is moist no matter what cut you get, seasoned well, with juices running through—but trust me, it’s the type of thing that gets you hooked. Even better is when the chicken is paired with a bright, piquant chimichurri, which adds a brightness that only enhances the fowl’s crisp, salty skin.

This chicken dish is quite something. Everything about it is just right that  one of the leading roasted chicken bought of the side streets cannot even compare with. What makes this more delightful is the Chimichurri that you can dip it in with. Which adds fun to the chicken’s taste. I always place the Chimichurri sparingly making “tipid” as this dip/sauce cannot be requested to be refilled without a charge.

Anyway the last time we were there, I ordered a quarter chicken with “Cilantro Garlic Rice”. We also got “Nachos Peqeño” to go with it. The experience with Señor Pollo is always best for me. The ambience is just perfect.

Some things to note:

  • If you are going to their Scout Rallos branch, coming a little earlier, around 6 to 6 past, would more or less get you parked inside.

  • Scout Rallos is one way coming from the direction of Tomas Morato.

  • The stair climb is kinda steep, for those who have problems with their knees, well you just have to try climbing up the stairs first.

  • Prices are fair enough for the quality of the food.

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