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Samgyup Salamat

Wondering what to eat this lunch, the wifey suggested Samgyup Salamat. Hmm.. anyway, I learned very, very later on after looking for the place that it was also a Korean grill-type of restaurant. This was similar to Korean J Grill only this was buffet. (woohoo too bad for the diet).

Anyway, I got to park at the basement of the building whose basement 2 was not full at between 11 to noon. I had to let the wifey down first so as to secure our seats.

When I got to the restaurant, it was like there was a fire drill with some smoke.  Later I learned from the “manager” that the building’s exhaust facilities were either busted or not working to full capacity.

So what happened was they had to let the doors open but unfortunately their restaurants design was not made for such eventuality. Even their air conditioning were exacerbating the situation.

There were actually two or three vacant tables at the corner where the smoke from the grill was concentrated. Too smokey to enjoy as most patrons near the corner had teary eyes while eating.

We decided to not use one of the three vacant tables and sat it out outside. That is when someone at the end of the corridor decided to open the emergency door letting a flood of fresh air take out some of the smoke coming from the two facing doors. When it was time for us to go inside the smoke wasn’t that bad already.

The first thing they served were the spicy stuff. Then we ordered our first batch of “meat”. The nice thing about Korean Grill/BBQ is that though all you get to eat is meat, most of it get stuffed inside the lettuce leaves provided. I think, for me, this is a whole bunch healthier since we grill the meat without the oil and we eat the meat without the rice.

Overall, once we sat and started our meal, the experience was satisfyingly filling and the waiters didn’t dilly-dally when it came to serving what we ordered. Except for the smoke experience, I would say that we had a great time having lunch there. At P449 each, I would say it was all worth it, that is if you do not mind waiting your turn. :)

Some things to note:

  • The way the waiters and the manager handled the smoke and the customer that complained about the smoke was way below zero in terms of customer service. Minus this incident and handling, the waiters are fast and courteous.

  • The servings are plentiful and are served to you fast.

  • The parking, even if “validated” cost us P50. It is P50 for the first two hours.

  • Their listed phone number is not the same as the phone at the manager/cashier’s desk. How do we know? We dialed their number and I was standing beside their phone.

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