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Two weeks ago, our little girl (from the USA and her family) came home and requested we take her to Regina’s to buy her some stuff to take home for her little friends.  Upon arriving, we felt our tummies cry out so we set out to look for something to eat first.

After getting of the elevator from the parking on Connecticut, we saw this new store “Samgyeopmasarap”, directly beside Jayjay’s, and decided to try it out.

For grill, unlimited Beef (Php 499) and Unlimited Pork (Php 399) both were sliced thinly so it’s easier to cook. You can also request if you want the meat seasoned or plain. Beside the sides it also includes 1 cup of rice.  The great thing about this place is that our little friends 8 and below are free.

Some things to note:

  • Service was ok and fast.

  • Kids 8 and below are free

  • This store is located very conveniently before the hustle and bustle of the mall so eating here is less stressful.

  • Wash closet (toilet, CR) is located outside the store near the elevator.

  • Ample parking on rooftop.

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