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Romantic Baboy

Romantic Baboy is one of the newest places that serve korean.  The first time this opened we arrived too late. It was already close to 7pm and we were in line with 19 ahead of us.

The second time we tried. We came in a little after 6pm and were 6th in line. So we just waited our turn. After showing us our seats, the waiter showed us some round thingie which resembled something like a long playing record.  It was actually the menu. I being the one who knows less about what to order but eats everything that gets ordered left it up to the wifey to choose. With which she chose to sample everything then settle on which one we liked best later on.

The overall presentation made me want to eat more, everything from the meat and the side dishes made the whole experience conducive to eat much. Even though I do not really particularly like all of the side dishes. Unlike the rest of the places we’ve been to, except Samgyup Salamat and Seoulgyupsal, Romantic Baboy had its exhaust hanging from the ceiling. I like this style better than those with exhausts inside the table. I was happy, comfortable and enjoyed my meal so much that I had stuffed myself more than I should have.  I was actually not supposed to eat the rice as per my diet. But when I tried the rice, it felt and tasted like “Japanese Rice” which unfortunately is one of my culinary weaknesses. Among most of the places I have been to. This could be one of the places I would definitely recommend.

Some things to note:

  • You really should come early because 1) this place is smack right on Morato and 2) Parking could be a problem

  • Very efficient service, prompt and they would even ask you every so often if you had your order delivered already or if you had any additional order

  • Meat serving is above average.

  • For Php 499 serving both Pork and Beef. The price and wait is worth it.

  • If you are not one who likes waiting, here are some options that are just within walking distance: Seoul in Timog, GangNam Grill and Ogane

April 3, 2018 Update : After this experience we tried to come and dine again but it is always full. The last time we did come to eat we were there around 4past and were seated at around 730pm.

Tip: You can just come and get the guard to get you a number, go somewhere near, and just come back after an hour or so..

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