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Putok Batok

Last Sunday we set out to have dinner, we were looking for a place to eat. We went ahead unto Tomas Morato and nearing Roces. We stopped to park and decided to do some minor walking across the side street and we decide to eat at “Putok Batok”. In tagalog putok batok connotes food that is kinda unhealthy.

Anyway upon walking in and having ourselves seated, we chose to go for the “Build Your Unli”. Their “Build Your Unli” meant we had to order three of a kind then the order would be unlimited of what we did order. The only exception was I think the shrimp and something else. I for myself ordered Unli Liempo, Unli Bagnet and Unli Chicken. The wifey got Unli Bagnet, Unli Sisig and Unli Liempo. Her niece got Unli Bagnet, Unli Calamares and Unli Liempo. We were served with some juice that was too sweet we had to put water to dilute the sweetness. The sweetness that would later on partially dilute my “Umay” or “Satiation”.

When orders arrived I started with the Bagnet that was so full of oily fats, then ate the chicken and then the Liempo. With all the fat from the Bagnet and Liempo, I got “Umay” or “Satiation” right away and so i just got another order of Liempo. And that was it for me. Their serving of Bagnet was big chunks of meat and fat. Liempo was your regular liempo sliced cuts and the chicken was regular sized too. I really think that the Bagnet was the one who made me stop eating early on.

Assuming we came in and we were all conditioned to eat much, and assuming we didn’t first bite into the Bagnet, we would have conservatively probably ordered more than 3 times. Overall the food was just right. Though if I were to come back and eat, I would simply go for ala carte.

Some things to note:

    • You would not enjoy the whole experience of “Build Your Unli” if you combine Liempo with Bagnet. Just choose one.

    • Though they serve some liquor, the general atmosphere is still family friendly as we encountered two to three families with their kids.

    • There are just about 3 to 4 parking slots

    • Waitresses were attentive to our needs and service was ok.

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