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Oh My Samgyup

We were raring try other Korean Grills so the wifey scouted around and found one that is also walking distance to our place.  When we arrived at Oh My Samgyup, well i already expected it, parking was limited to the store’s frontage which only fit a car or two crosswise.  Anyway, the guard of the place had me park at the side or inside the property which was still slim but could fit around 6more vehicles.

Upon seating, I noticed the place was not that full and I think it is just recently that they offered unlimited Samgyup and only on weekends.  For their unlimited pork, the menu included Dwaeji Bulgogi, Daepae Samgyupsal, Samgyupsal and Herb Samgyupsal at P399 and for the unlimited pork and beef, Woo Samgyup, Chadolbegi and Beef Bulgogi at P499.  We choose the unlimited pork and beef.

Presentation wise, everything looked great.  And the meat was all prepped up properly.  We had a great time. The thing about this place is it is tucked quite neatly in a small building. Though it has it’s own frontage, you would hardly see it if you were just passing through Mother Ignacia. When we started having our dinner, there were just a table or two dining with us, but as the minutes grew into one or two hours, all four other tables got occupied too.

Some things to note:

  • If you live within the area, better to just take the trike.

  • Always better to come earlier.

  • Waiters where prompt and courteous.

  • They do not accept debit or credit cards, but you can always withdraw from the ATM’s inside ABS-CBN which is just in front of the store.


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