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OGANE korean

The nice thing about OGANE for me is that it is also walking distance from my place. The first time we were supposed to try “Romantic Baboy” we were disappointed as when we went there it was already full and there were 19 ahead of us. So we decided to try OGANE.

OGANE sits right within the circle at the intersection of Timog and Tomas Morato. Right across starbucks and beside the Popular Bookstore building. Our first time in OGANE was more of experimentation but we ended up eating there again after our first time.

Their side dishes had lots of variation and their meat was properly seasoned.

Some things to note:

  • The staff hardly ever closes the main door. Even then, the room temp inside is just right.

  • Parking may be a problem, so if you live or work within the area, trike or walk-in would be good for you.

  • There is a buzzer on every table so no need to stress out calling the waiters.

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