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One evening it was just me and the wifey at the house no niece around. We were both kinda hungry and wanting to break away from the samgyupsal fever just this once. Even as we left the house we were still discussing where we were to eat.

When we reached the intersection of Timog and Tomas Morato, where the scouts monument is, we decided to go and have dinner at Napoli, assuming there was parking.  Fortunate enough there was.  I wasn’t really into the whole Italian thing that night but was hungry too, so I let the wifey choose our food. She ordered “Oil and Garlic Seafood Pasta in White Sauce” and “White Pizza”

The Pasta was perfect and paired with about three big slices of garlic bread. I always like pasta in white sauce as those with tomatoes always have differing taste.  The Pizza was a bit too salty for me because of the cheese nonetheless we both finished everything.

Some things to note:

  • If you are from near the place just like Ogane, which is just across the street, best is to leave the car home as parking is scarce in the area.

  • This is located at the “Imperial Palace Suites” building.

  • Ambience is great, light music, ample lighting the place is great for meetings.

  • Service is great but at P 730 for just two meals is kinda steep.


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