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After fetching the niece from her college entrance exam reviews at 5 in the afternoon. We felt our tummies growl. Since we were in Maginhawa Street, we decided to look around for a place to eat.

One tiny establishment caught our eye, it was on the third floor and we exactly had a parking slot right in front of us. We decided to check out Mokja! It was Korean. And any Korean restaurant almost always registers as “Buffet” and “Samgyeop” on our minds.

We sat by the entrance which was OK except that the airconditioning was right above my seat and was dripping a little.  Since I am not one that gets distracted easily when it comes to eating we went on ahead and ordered.  Their side-dishes were a lot although I am not one who agrees too much with spicy Korean food, the niece had a feast day.

We were served beef and pork, but since the wifey wasn’t much into beef after one serving I just ordered another and concentrated on the pork afterwards. The meat was seasoned just right though not perfectly well but it was still very much delicious.

We lost track of time, that when we were almost done eating, and since the confines of the restaurant was all glass. We saw out side that a whole line of patrons were waiting to be seated.

Some things to note:

  • As with most Buffets, come a little earlier than usual. Otherwise you might be forced to wait an hour or more.

  • Parking around the area at majority of establishments may be a problem

  • The area’s patrons during the day are mostly students, most of which come from the University of the Philippines, the Ateneo and other schools within the vicinity.

  • The restaurant is located at the third floor, so senior citizens might have a hard time getting up since the only way we went up was through the stairs.  I am not sure if the place had an elevator since most of the patrons I saw used the stairs.

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