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Mitsuyado Sei-Men

We just dropped of the niece at the Ramon Magsaysay Center and had a lot of time to waste.  The niece was attending a debut so we guessed it would take some time before we got home.

We dropped her off at around 8pm and we went on our passing through Roxas boulevard, we decided to look for food before going to the City of Dreams. We turned right at EDSA and turned right at the Blue Bay Walk.  Luckily upon taking our ticket to the parking we got a parking space right away.

We decided to look a bit as there were many restaurants lined up.  We chose to have dinner at Mitsuyado sei-men. Upon entering I was awed at their restaurant’s presentation.  It was like walking into one of those Japanese side-streets with food stalls all over.

It took me like around 5 minutes just looking over the decor. Anyway, we then ordered and the wifey ordered some kind of ramen (Shoyu Ramen) with some rice and viand, I ordered some kinda dry noodle (Yuzu Tsukemen).  Well we were hungry and we needed to finish our dinner so that we could still have more time at the City of Dreams, so we slurped down our food.  It was delicious and very much enjoyable.

Some things to note:

  • There is ample parking, there is actually more parking at the back. The only thing with us Filipinos is we are all squeezing ourselves to be nearest to the entrances.

  • They have lots of items on their menu and am sure that they are as delicious as what we had.

  • Servers were attentive to our needs.

  • The price of P 697.14 for both our dishes were more than fair. Far better than dining at some Japanese fast food restaurant.

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