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Little Quiapo

Little Quiapo: Started in 1949, THE BEST Halo-halo and Palabok in town.

If you’re looking for something ordinarily out of the ordinary. You may want to try Little Quiapo. Little Quiapo was Started in 1949, and claims to be the maker of  THE BEST Halo-halo and Palabok in town.  Though this store restaurant has been around for so long (since 1949). This store has its own following even if little has been done to promote it.

My Two Favorites

The store was introduced to me by a friend of mine and have been coming back mainly for one of two menu items: “Chicken Cordon Bleu” and/or “Chicken Ala Kiev”. They have lots of other items on their menu line up and am sure most folks would love to see as most of their menu are Filipino food.

Our Feast

So last night we had a late lundin (lunch/dinner) at around 7pm. As usual the wifey and me ordered the same thing. We also ordered their small sized “Palabok”, which was still more than enough for three hungry souls. We had about two to three spoonfuls of leftover “Palabok”. The wifey and the niece shared a single cup of rice and we all stuffed ourselves with the “Palabok”.

The single servings of both the “Chicken Cordon Bleu” and “Chicken Ala Kiev” can feed two people at the very least. With or without rice you will end up going home full.

Some things to note:

  • We went there on a Sunday evening, the place was nowhere near a church and yet the place was packed around 6pm.

  • The parking lot could only accomodate around 8 vehicles cars and suv.

  • The waiter that took our order was probably new as he wasn’t sure whether the “Chicken Cordon Bleu” and “Chicken Ala Kiev were served with rice or not. Aside from this he was very attentive to our needs and was always smiling.

  • The “Chicken Cordon Bleu” and “Chicken Ala Kiev” takes quite some time to cook it. If you are dead hungry better to order something else, just like we did with the “Palabok”. At least you would already start with your eating.

  • Both the gravy/sauce for “Chicken Cordon Bleu” and “Chicken Ala Kiev” were so-so, I am not so much a fan of anything that looks like gravy and yet tastes like something else.

  • At PhP 938 with the items we ordered I would definitely keep coming back.

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