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Leann’s Tea House korean

Coming home one night, I was coming from the Cubao area and was supposed to be buying grilled chicken or grilled pork belly.  The wifey texted me to say that we should just go to a restaurant on Mother Ignacia. Since I was running late, and most of the jeepneys were full since it was rush hour. I decided to take a cab going to Leann’s Tea House.

Upon reaching the place, the wifey and her niece were currently waiting for a table.  The place wasn’t really that big. The ground floor had two tables and on the second floor there were about 6 tables. I did not see the setup on the third floor.  The place looked like part of a stock room that was cleaned out. Nevertheless, the ambiance was still about food. And somehow I liked at that moment to be there and was looking forward to eating.

That was one of the first time I got to cook using a table top gas burner. And since the cookware was on the table, the grill itself had a drain for all the fats that went into a cup below.  Anyway, I arrived and my party were already gorging themselves. So I decided to dig in myself.  The meet and the sides tasted just about right and I had myself so much that I almost couldn’t breathe.

I guess we liked the place and the food and came back again after two weeks.

Some things to note:

  • P350 unlimited is was worth it.

  • Parking is good only for up to two cars at the storefront.  But the guard will help you find a spot.  Word of advice, if you just live in the scout area, I would suggest taking the trike instead.

  • Might not be ok for people with Arthritis or those with knee problems as going up and down might be a little challenging since the stairs are slightly steep

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