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Kyu Kyu Ramen

I was left all alone in the house yesterday and was wanting something different to eat.  Then I remember there was a new food stall in National Bookstore at Quezon Ave., South Triangle.

I hopped on the tricycle and went straight to Kyu Kyu Ramen. As I browsed throught their menu, I realized that I only had P300 in my pocket so I skimmed for food to eat at less than or equal to my money.

I ended up getting : Kyukyu Ramen (P 99), Chicken Teriyaki (P 99) and Gyoza (P 69). I first got my Ramen and proceeded to slurp. It didn’t taste really much like Ramen but it was ok.  Next came my Teriyaki and Gyoza.  Teriyaki Chicken came in tiny bits (I really mean tiny) of chicken, oh well at least they got the taste closer this time.  Gyoza is one of my most favorite things in life and somehow, theirs did not disappoint me. Though taste could still improve. Oh well, I thought to myself all meals were below a hundred each, I guess if I really wanted the real deal, I will have to pay the real bucks.

Overall, if I were really that hungry again, and this was the last food available, I would still eat here. Otherwise, I will try with other choices.  I am not saying the food was not good. It’s just that it could be better.

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