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Korean J Grill

Korean Grill is not as uncommon as the grilling we encounter on buffets around Metro Manila. Just the other day, we saw from a cousin’s Facebook, that they ate at a Korean J Grill. They seemed happy enough to post this on their social media. Curious, we decided to look for this place and try it ourselves.

The first time we tried looking for it, we read Google Maps wrong and were looking at the opposite side of the street. Second time around, we saw the shop and luckily, there was a vacant parking slot on a usually very full side of Tomas Morato.

As we entered and sat, looking around the ambiance was just right and looking at the setup. The place looks like it accommodates the rich and the not so rich. As we settled, since I practically know nothing about Korean food and how they are called, I asked the wifey to choose for both of us.

She settled on the following single serve items. Sam Gyeopsal (Pan Grilled Pork Bellies) and Moksal (Pork Shoulder Steak). Not knowing what to expect we both waited in anticipation until the food arrived. Well like the shop’s name implied, once set, our food was to be expertly grilled by our server at the time.  As each of our dishes were cooked, our server had this big pair of scissors and he patiently cut the meat so that these would fit into the lettuce that we needed to roll.

Our food was served with, Moksal dish had a sour tasting salad, a small dish of baby potatoes, small dish of sea weeds, small dish of cucumber and a small dish of some other veggie. On the grill, aside from the pork belly and pork shoulder, the server placed egg mixture all around plus some mushrooms.

Initially, we thought the food would not be enough. But as we consumed the Sam Gyeopsal and Moksal, we found the food satisfyingly good and more than enough for the two of us. Even without rice, I was full. So at P 710, the trip was worth it.

Some things to note:

  • There is a mezzanine with more tables.

  • The staircase leading to the mezzanine is quite narrow and being on the bigger side, there was a bit of a squeeze going up and down stairs.

  • The grill on tables have no exhaust, so there is a bit of a smoke. But since their staff are experts, the smoke is tolerable and won’t affect your dining experience.

  • As we were almost 90%+ done eating, our server was offering us another serving of lettuce, which we already politely declined as we were both already full.

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