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Gangnam Grill

It was one of those days where we craved and caved.  We did not even attempt to line up at “Romantic Baboy“.  And this place had been sticking out like a sore thumb so we decided to try it.

Upon entering the premises we were greeted and were seated right away.  After ordering it took some time for them to set up our table. And when they did actually get around to it, we were already quite hungry.

The side dishes were so-so and initially, the pork was just thinly sliced. Later on (please refer to  6th image below) they were serving pork which had bone or cartilage.  This sort of ruined the not-so great eating experience for me.

Some things to note:

  • Parking was not surprisingly easy because we arrived early and the place was not full.

  • @ P499 each I wasn’t satisfied

  • Waiters where a little bit slow considering there were a lot of them.

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