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Grills and Sizzles

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On months where there are one or two members of the family who celebrate their birthdays, we try to meet up and eat. Yes, eat.

It is not always though that we have lunch or dinner at buffets. But this one particular day this month of  December, 2017, my eldest sister, suggested that we have a “steak” buffet at her acquaintances’ place, at the “Grills and Sizzles“.

Anyway there 14 in our party, 12 (including kids over 5) and 2 kids (below 5years old).

When I the wifey and her niece got there we dove right in. We first had the pasta, I skipped the rice and what appears to be tempura carrot slivers. But I got some egg slices and sausages from the rice.. Then I got some sausages (again) and a big slice of roasted chicken. Moving on I got a small helping of the pork and beef steak. I just wanted to taste it first before gorging.

So far not bad, went back a couple of times more. Had more of the sausages, pasta, and the pork and beef steaks.

We were all served with Iced tea together with dinner. Both of my sisters and practically most of the adults had gone back a couple more times.

Some things to note:

  • There was almost no distinction in color between the gravy and the soup. My nephew handed my sister what he thought was soup when in fact it was a bowl full of gravy.

  • The steak was cooked rare.

  • There is ample parking at the front and at the side of the store.

  • You really should go there Mon-Fri.

  • Price for adults is P 489/head Mon-Fri, kids 5 and below pay half of this.

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