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Don Day Fresh

It was a Sunday and almost dinner.  The wifey told us to get dressed as we were eating out.  She was asking me if I knew the place beside the BIR that was formerly “Chowking”.  I said I may have an idea where it was.  In my thoughts, I was thinking “that place must be deserted today since it is a Sunday and since it was were some of the BIR people and their clients do their discussions.”

Anyway as we arrived at the place, true enough parking was a plenty.  I was able to park almost in front of the restaurant.  Good thing the wifey sort of made a reservation otherwise we would end up hungry and looking for food.  It was just a little past 5 and I was surprised that the whole dining floor was occupied except for our table.

One of the novelties of the place was that the side’s (side dishes) were not served on your table.  You would need to go to the buffet setup and get them from there.  The service was good and prompt. The only thing I did not like, since we were seated right beside the doorway, was the waiters kept opening and leaving the doors open.  They do this before the smoke gets thicker.

Another thing I experienced was, I was told by the waiter not to place the meat directly in the middle of the grill as the grill might catch fire.  Since, I was already hungry and really just waiting for the meat to cook, I just followed what he said.

Some things to note:

  • Better to call ahead and reserve.

  • Php 499 just for Pork is kinda steep.

  • Like all Samgyeop places, come early. When we went out of the restaurant, I was surprised that the previously spacious parking was already full with some cars waiting to park.

  • Their side dishes, for me, tasted more like Chinese or Filipino. Not to much of the Korean spicyness

  • Their Ice cream is not free.

  • Service is good. Ambiance is good. Side dish buffet setup is great. :)

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