Cabaña de Zenaida Hot Springs

We spent a night in Cabaña de Zenaida Hot Springs. The place was kinda tricky to look for at first, especially since the general area of Calamba to Los Baños was with heavy traffic. Anyway, upon reaching Calamba near the local SM Department store, we turned right towards Los Baños. We were told to count the number of “Andok’s Letchon Manok” after the second “rail road track”. At the second “Andok’s” we turned right headed straight at the end turned left and turned right at the first corner.

At first glance once would say that the place looked kinda old fashioned as the other places in front were more of modern type town homes design. The Cabaña de Zenaida is design like a log cabin on the insides interiors but more or less with a 1990’s structure and roofing. The double deck beds were more than sufficient to cover for all of us. There were a total of 3 medium sized room: 1 masters type no double deck, and 2 rooms with 2 double deck beds all three rooms had their own toilet and bathroom. On the far end of the same floor was another small room, which, I guess was designed for the help.

Together with all the kids, we brought some food to cook while the kids had a grand time at the pool and all to themselves. We also had some karaoke moments as there was a machine that one could readily use.

Travel time from Manila was about an hour and 45 mins give or take a few minutes. We spent P 15,000 total for the place. One of the only downsides was that the parking can only accommodate 2 sedans inside and 2 mini sedans outside.

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